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J&J OEM Manufacturing

Medical Industry Manufacturing

J&J produces medical table tops for one of the industry’s leading exam table manufacturers. At J&J our capabilities allow us to produce the entire table top including plywood table top frame construction and the upholstery of the table top.

Marine Seat Manufacturing

J&J Seat Cover manufactures for the marine industry’s leading manufacturer of ergonomic marine seating and luxury chairs for boats, yachts, work boats, commercial vessels, and military craft. We have proven that we have what it takes to produce seating applications that set the benchmark withing the industry for quality, comfort, strength, and value. Our skilled seamstresses and technicians understand the quality expected to complete OEM manufacturing of marine seating in order to ensure we provide our customer with service that far exceeds any of our competitors.

Pilates Equipment Manufacturing

J&J Seat Cover is an original equipment manufacturer for Pilates apparatuses. We work closely with the industry’s most established source for authentic equipment. Here at J&J, We complete full wood construction of the substrates used to produce Pilates apparatuses. Once wood construction is complete, our highly trained installers complete the upholstery of the substrates with superior quality.